Interview with ‘Bling Ring’ cast at Louis Vuitton, Vanity Fair special screening (Photos)

RM80,000 fake Louis Vuitton goods seized

What was it like working with Emma Watson? She has an amazing head on her shoulders and she is very polite and very sweet and she knows what she’s doing. We look up to her, she’s a mother hen to us all. What’s your favorite scene in the movie? Well it’s my favorite scene in the movie, it’s a shot and it’s just looking at a house and it’s just looking at a house the whole time. Now when you see the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way too. But that was just Harris Savides last shot and it’s a great way to leave him with his legacy. Sofia Coppola Speak about LA as a character. LA is really a character in the movie and I just wanted the audience to feel like they were along for the ride with the kids.

From Louis Vuitton To Daft Punk, How Pharrell Williams Is The Ultimate Collaborator

This weekend, Louis Vuitton and other brands in the LVMH family open their private workshops in France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland for the second edition of “ Les Journées Particulières ,” a rare chance for the general public to see how these beautiful wares are made. The Louis Vuitton atelier will receive a thousand guests, who will visit the facilities and see the process firsthand. For everyone else, a virtual tour: On the workshop’s ground floor, artisans select and prime materials. Here, carpenters create the skeletons of those legendary LV trunks with supple wood sourced from France and Africa, the combination of which helps the luggage withstand variable weather conditions. Nearby, the less exotic leathers are stored — lamb and goat for linings, veal and cowhide for exteriors — all at a constant temperature (between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius). The house’s signature material is flesh-colored natural cowhide leather, the basis for all monogram bags. The more exotic leathers — stingray so thick you can’t stitch into it, python skins as long as eight meters — require specific expertise. Each exotic skin is colored and given a matte or glazed finish, then cut with pressurized machines, except for special orders, which are always cut by hand. Upstairs, craftsmen assemble and perfect the pieces. Glimpsing an unfinished handbag lining is like catching someone in her underwear: it appears denuded, vulnerable. Nearby, the wooden frames for the trunks are covered with canvas and leather.

Father’s Day gift ideas from Louis Vuitton SS 2013 collection

The star producer and mega-hyphenate talks about how he keeps his ego in check in “the relentless pursuit of action.” By: Tyler Gray If you didn’t know who Pharrell Williams was before this past April, you almost certainly do now. That’s because Williams is the vaguely Michael Jackson-sounding singer in a Hedi Slimane-designed sparkly suit in the video for ” Get Lucky .” The chart-topping song from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories sold more than 2.5 million copies just one week after the album came out, and has nearly 60 million Vevo plays . The song and Pharrell are almost literally everywhere. But don’t mistake him for a front man. Williams, 40, is a behind-the-scenes creative and design force for fashion labels–Louis Vuitton and his own Ice Cream Clothing and Billionaire Boys Club . He’s helping pioneer a new sustainable clothing material and manufacturing process called Bionic Yarn . He created sonic branding platform UJAM and accompanying app VJAM with composer Hans Zimmer . He’s won four Grammys, created the original score for Despicable Me, and worked as a producer on too many music projects to list. When he lends his name to a promotion for, say, HTC , it’s because he actually wants to share big ideas with the company, not just rock the launch party. As he told Fast Company at a recent VIP dinner, part of our recent Innovation Uncensored New York event, he feels most rewarded when he’s learning on the job.

Women in South-east Asia love Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci: study

Starting on Saturday, the world’s top luxury group by sales and market value will also offer behind-the-scenes tours of Christian Dior’s salons, Guerlain’s perfume plant outside Paris and Fendi leather shoe and handbag workshops in Italy. The initiative, running for the second time after attracting more than 100,000 visitors in 2011, is the brainchild of Antoine Arnault, head of luxury shoe brand Berluti and the son of Bernard Arnault, LVMH’s chief executive and founder. Purveyors of luxury goods have been stepping up their efforts in recent years to portray their goods as “hand-made” in an attempt to justify their high prices and address consumers’ growing interest in the origins of the products they buy. Analysts say the sourcing and manufacture of goods have increasingly become a concern for customers, following a scandal over mislabeled horse meat in Europe and the deaths of more than 1,100 people in April in the collapse of a Bangladeshi textile factory that supplied some Western retailers. “Sophisticated consumers from emerging markets pay more and more attention to where things are made and how they are made because they want products which are really exclusive and with a level of quality and craftsmanship which justify their high pricing,” said Mario Ortelli, luxury goods analyst at Bernstein. Western brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have long exploited that trend, with ad campaigns typically featuring sepia-toned photographs of artisans lovingly stitching bags or shoes. Now they are going a step further by inviting customers to watch the craftsmen at work. ARTISAN CORNER Gucci last week held an ‘artisan corner’ at Bloomingdale’s department store in New York where customers could see craftsmen hand-stitch bags, assemble bamboo handles and hand-emboss buyers’ initials. The brand says it has held over 100 similar events around the world since 2009.

Visiting the Source | A Rare Look Inside the Atelier of Louis Vuitton

… 1 day ago, 12:29pm CDT Update: 10 Tweets 6pair of Adidas . A watch from Kenneth Cole. 2 jackets and shirts from Adidas to match his shoes. And Sunglasses from Louis Vuitton. DO WE LOVE IT?! Rihanna Goes Clubbing In London Rocking Tom Ford Over-The-Knee Boots Source: The Young, Black, & Fabulous This paper pipe plays the role of pushing forward the gases and increasing the burning speed of the firecrackers, shells, sparklers, fountains, [url=]Louboutin[/url] and many other fireworks. You may m … Marc Jacobs Rumored to Leave Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière to Take Over Source: Complex But we may find out soon, as the designer’s contract with LVMH ends in 2014 and there are rumors swirling around that he and his partner Robert Duffy may choose not to renew it, this according to Fashionista. If Jacobs does end his …

Meet the artisans: LVMH fires new shot in luxury marketing war

We had handpicked exclusive  accessories by Roberto Cavalli  to woo all mothers. Now it’s time to bring a smile to dad’s face by gifting him an over the top item that screams luxury. We have rounded up a list of Louis Vuitton accessories for fashion conscious fathers. While all the three bags belong to their Summer Spring 2013 collection, the cufflinks and bracelet will also help to jazz up the world’s best father’s style statement. Keepall Bandouliere 45 (featured above) –   The bright orange Keepall Bandouliere 45 in supple Damier Infini leather celebrates Louis Vuitton’s heritage. Worth $3,050, it can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand. Aptly designed to serve as a stylish travel companion it is sized at WxHxD – 17.7 x 10.6 x 7.9 inches. Messenger Bag – Louis Vuitton’s messenger bag offered in two shades of Khakhi and Oxygene will add a splash of color to the season. Specially designed to easily accommodate A4 docs, it will appeal to the men in Damier Challenge nylon canvas. Pick it up for $2,950. Bumbag – The all-season Oxygene Bumbag is compact yet spacious to carry essentials while strolling down the street or walking in the woods.

Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola and cast

  And there are many of you in Singapore, according to a second phase of a study – called “High Heeled Warriors Research” – initiated by major television company NBC Universal (NBCU), based on 3,000 women living across South-east Asia (SEA). NBCU said they commissioned the study to glean an insight into the minds of women as they “make or influence 80% of all purchase decisions, including 60% of traditional male products (e.g.: automobiles, consumer electronics)”. The study aims to attract advertisers and marketers who target women in their campaigns. The study broke down the female personalities into five categories, which are:   Trailblazers: Big spenders, career-minded and individualistic women who know how to stand out from the crowd Passionistas: Spontaneous women who work hard and play hard Social Siders: Women who have many friends and a wide social network Peacekeepers: Women who constantly seeks stability and routine Heart Warmers: Family-oriented women Countries included in the study were Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In Singapore, 27 per cent of women are Passionistas, 22 per cent Peacekeepers, 13 per cent Social Siders  and 19 per cent each are Trailblazers and Heart Warmers.   The Philippines have the most Passionistas with 32 per cent of women polled and Indonesia next with 25 per cent.    1 in 3 earn the most in their household   The study also found that more women in SEA are becoming more affluent – with one–third of Singaporean women taking on the role of household chief income earner – and the majority of them own luxury items.   Two out of three women in SEA possess at least one luxury item and each of them spend at least S$2,100 a year on luxury items such as shoes and handbags, with Louis Vuitton and Gucci being the market leaders across all five personality categories. Women in SEA also channel most of their spending to buying other goods such as beauty products with as much as S$460 per month on mainly skincare and cosmetics. According to NBCU, this figure is more than what they spend on dining out. In Singapore, the study shows that women mainly prefer skincare products by Sk II, Biore and Estee Lauder, and cosmetic products by Maybelline, L’oreal and Chanel. When it comes to cars, 60 per cent of women in SEA are main or joint decision makers, and the popular car brands among them are Honda, Toyota and BMW.

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