High art meets haute couture in Las Vegas

LVMH chief’s daughter to take top role at Louis Vuitton

On the upside, these endeavors place art in front of people who may not have ever been to a museum, let alone a contemporary art museum or gallery. On the downside, theres a real danger of funneling art into a commodity-driven modality. Using art as decor for retail environments instrumentalizes and conventionalizes the work solely for monetary gain. It often reduces the art to nothing more than an extremely expensive sofa accompaniment. One has to ask, why? Why are fashion retailer so interested engaging with art? Because collecting, commissioning, and displaying art boost the luxury appeal of fashion houses.

Buddhist Monks’ With Louis Vuitton Bags, Aviators Spark Outrage

Clare Borthwick, Specialist in Vintage Couture and Accessories commented: Providing the fashion conscious around the globe with a treasure trove of opportunities, this Vintage Couture: Handbags, Luggage and Accessories sale is a very accessible start to Christie’s 2013 fashion and accessory auctions. Hermes Aztec Bleu and Orange Chevre Mysore leather Birkin bag (l) and A Gilt Metal Brooch Composed Of A Spray Of Bell Flowers by Joseff Hollywood (r) The fashion industry is seeing a continuing trend towards vintage items with increasing interest in jewellery and accessories from the latter half of the 20th century. This sale has been designed to meet the growing demand for vintage items and we expect interest from international buyers. It includes an extraordinary selection of items from classic charm bracelets to bright leather handbags and Louis Vuitton luggage. Tatler slammed for ‘misogynistic’ Best Society Breasts list that rates Princess Eugenie’s ‘Royal T**s’ alongside Clare Balding and Louise Mensch As our third online-only auction, the format follows the success of Christie’s sell-out Elizabeth Taylor Collection in 2011, followed in 2012 by our May Hermes sale, held in conjunction with Hermes and the Royal Academy and our November Vintage Couture: Handbags and Shoes auction, which welcomed registrants from 36 countries, 55 percent of whom were new to Christie’s.’ A variety of decadent costume jewellery by top designers will be among the leading items in the sale.

Rendering of the Frank Gehry design for the Foundation Louis Vuitton museum in Paris

Theyre also, of course, traveling by private plane. The video has sparked criticism from all over the world, prompting Thailands Office of National Buddhism to announce it is now monitoringAthe monks for inappropriate behavior. The agencysAdirector-general Nopparat Benjawatananun said this week : When Lord Buddha was alive, there wasnt anything like this. There were no cars, smartphones or cameras, so the rules were much simpler. While the monks need to keep themselves abreast of new knowledge, current events and technology, they are restrained to choose the appropriate tools. Nopparat added that the Buddhist monks in the video were acting inappropriately, not composed and not adhering to Buddhas teachings of simplicity and self-restraint. Glad thats settled. He did, however, offer one interesting piece of data by way of explanation: AIn many cases, it was the followers who gave the monks the luxury.

Hermes brand Louis Vuitton fraud ‘most important in history of French stocks’

Delphine Arnault, 38, is leaving her post as deputy general manager of Dior, which she has held since 2008, to take a similar role at Louis Vuitton in September, reporting to chief executive, Michael Burke. Her appointment comes as Louis Vuitton, known for its monogrammed handbags, faces a drop in European sales and sluggish demand in China. Along with younger brother Antoine, who is currently chief executive of luxury Italian shoe maker Berluti, Bernard Arnault’s eldest daughter Delphine has been groomed since her teens to take senior roles within LVMH. A graduate of prestigious French business school EDHEC and the London School of Economics, she first learned the ropes of the family-controlled business as a teenage sales girl at a Dior boutique. She now sits on the LVMH board. In her role at Dior, Arnault was credited for bringing creative director Raf Simons on board last year after the departure of John Galliano. Simons’ modern take on heritage Dior designs has since met with critical and commercial success, propelling sales and demand for couture clothes. In December, Christian Dior Couture reported sales for the half-year to October 31 up 18 percent at 632 million euros ($840 million) and said margins had improved. Delphine Arnault’s father is chairman, chief executive and controlling shareholder of LVMH and the wealthiest man in France, controlling 60 luxury brands and a business that spans fashion, perfume, wine and watches. Bernard Arnault caused an uproar in France when he sought Belgian citizenship last September – a move he said was meant to protect a foundation designed to control his family’s holdings in LVMH if he dies, not to dodge new wealth taxes.

Christie’s holds online auction of Birkin bags, Louis Vuitton luggage and pieces by Elizabeth Taylor’s jeweller from just £200

Bracelet with matching earrings, necklace with matching earrings and gilt necklace, Yves Saint Laurent, 1990s

Not been keeping up with the fraud fight? Real Louis Vuitton Belt Don’t worry, we’ve summarised the full details for you here , but basically Hermes has accused Louis Vuitton’s parent company of illegally trying to amass a majority stake in its shareholdings. As the case continued to play out in a French court this week, Hermes reportedly accused LVMH of committing the “most important fraud in the history of the French stock market.” It’s a heavy claim and Hermes representatives have shown no sign of wavering under the power of their words, but despite the severity of the accusations, LVMH is still claiming total innocence. In fact, a spokesperson has gone so far as to tell French newspapers that Hermes’ claims should be dismissed entirely, and considered a part of a wider slander campaign. Eeish. You can’t get more of an ‘it wasn’t me’ than that. What do you think? Reckon LVMH was up to no good?

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