Staying under the radar didn’t last long then: Tulisa shows off after splashing the cash on Louboutin heels and Louis Vuitton goodies

Moving on: Tulisa was spotted out on the town for the first time last week following her arrest

But Tulisa Contostavlos certainly wasn’t shy when it came to showing off after splashing the cash on designer goodies on Monday. The 24-year-old singer posted a snap on her Instagram page after treating herself to a spot of retail therapy in Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. Show off! Tulisa wasn’t shy as she showed off her designer purchases after indulging in a spot of retail therapy at Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton on Monday With designer bags piled into the front seat of her soft-top Audi, the former X Factor judge looked positively defiant as she stuck her fingers up at the camera and poked out her tongue playfully. Hola Chicas! Tulisa’s ex Danny Simpson parties with some newfound female pals in Ibiza The N-Dubz starlet would have no doubt dropped a fair amount of cash on her purchases, with the average pair of Louboutin heels retailing between 500 and 800. Writing alongside the snap, Tulisa paid reference to her ‘The Female Boss’ tag: ‘What’s a girl 2 do….change is coming #TFB #evolution.’ Starting over: The 24-year-old singer was also sporting new lighter locks after undergoing a makeover over the weekend The star was also showing off her newly lightened locks after undergoing a transformation over the weekend ahead of her upcoming holiday in Ibiza. Perhaps her new shoes were also bought for her sunshine break, as the singer was somewhat unusually spotted sporting a pair of skyscraper heels during a holiday at Marbella’s Ocean Beach Club last month. Her recent change in image comes after it was reported Tulisa is planning on starting a new life for herself in the US following her dramatic fall from grace last month.

Louis Vuitton Raised Most Non-Leather Handbag Prices, HSBC Says

A report last month by consultancy Millward Brown Optimor estimated that Vuittons brand value declined 12 percent over the past year. LVMH in April reported its weakest fashion and leather goods revenues in more than three years as sales flattened in China. As consumers make room for those luxuries that make them feel better by trading down on other items, it is the middle-of-the-road brands, such as Vuitton, that have suffered, Millward Brown Optimor said. Delphine Arnaults task will be to give the brand a more exclusive aura, deemphasizing its ubiquitous monogrammed canvas bags and introducing costlier leather bags. In the short term, that could depress sales growth, as LVMH also has said it plans to open fewer Vuitton boutiques. Delphine is the eldest of Bernard Arnaults five children.

Daughter’s Got a Brand New Bag, and It’s Louis Vuitton

After much name calling, accusation throwing and general slinging of verbal mud, French regulatory board AMF condemned LVMH for ‘failing to follow market rules’, when it discretely accumulated a significant stake in Hermes stocks. Citing the “seriousness of the successive breaches of public disclosure requirements, which consisted in concealing each stage of LVMH’s stake-building in Hermes,” as the fuel behind the hefty fine, the AMF appear to be in no doubt that there’s been foul play. LVMH however, continues to disagree. Brandin both the claim and punishment to be ‘unfounded’, the conglomerate has said it will appeal against the decision, despite further cases being already lodged against it by, yep you guessed it, Hermes. Though this chapter may be settled for now, expect more drama as the cases continue to pile up! Thoughts?

Welcome To Poland’s First Louis Vuitton Store: “Open Your Bag Please”

Brands from different segments ranging from Chanel to Coach or Burberry are continuing to grow. The Chinese market is still developing. In order to stay ahead of the game, brands must have the ability to adapt (and) reduce the risk of brand saturation. In the case of Louis Vuitton, LVMH has already shifted gears, putting the brakes on its global expansion, while raising prices and developing more leather upmarket products, he said. This years China World Luxury Index shows Chinese consumer interest in the luxury fashion segment is mostly fixated on 10 global brands. After Chanel and Louis Vuitton comes Gucci in third place, followed by Hermes, Coach, Prada, Dior, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Versace at No. 10.

Louis Vuitton parent company LVMH fined 8 million Euros in Hermes case

The euros strength against some currencies may lead LVMH to charge more, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Arnault said Jan. 31. Vuittons price increase in Japan, the biggest ever by the brand in the country, was taken to offset the impact of the yens slide on sales, the company said Feb. 20. In addition to protecting margins, the price increases must be seen, in our view, as a means to accelerate LVs repositioning towards more leather, Belge wrote. The decision will probably weigh on the number of items sold, though its the right thing for brand equity longer term. Vuittons 2013 sales may rise 6 percent, excluding currency moves, while volume may decline 2 percent to 3 percent, Belge wrote.

A New Website Aims to Be Just Like Louis Vuitton

Clothing V has more than 30 brands and a even more products to choose from. Everything is high class with a mainstream price tag. Following the trend would just be easy with Clothing V as products are sold at more affordable prices. Fashion is no longer expensive. A Louis Vuitton dream bag or Gucci dream wallet is a fantasy ready to come true. Just visit their website at for more details.

Sorry Louis Vuitton, China’s No Longer Into You

The lowest price for a bag is 2,100 zlotys (492 euros), while the most expensive piece from the exotic series made of python, ostrich or crocodile leather goes for more than 85,000 zlotys (19,920 euros). When I ask how many of those bags they hope to sell, he answers: 2,700 BMW cars were sold last year in Poland. Thats quite a lot considering the price of these cars is 50,000 euros. Fifty thousand euros for a car is not the same as 20,000 for a handbag, I point out. Ask women. Many would prefer the bag, he answers. A buyer often behaves irrationally, so there is no way to tell who will buy what in the Warsaw store, explains Eggs. “I visited our shop in the south of Italy once. There was a young boy, at most 16 years old, who came to buy a leather belt for his mother. The few hundred euros he paid were mostly in change he had been saving the money for two years.

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