Miranda Kerr empties her Louis Vuitton satchel on Instagram

Walking Tall: Inside Louis Vuitton’s shoe factory

Well, she’s only gone and read our minds by emptying out her designer bag on Instagram. Hurrah! Something tells us those gorgeous nude heels don’t quite fit, but as for all her beauty essentials, they most certainly do. Equipped, of course, with her own natural skincare range KORA Organics, she also packed in two summer bright balms in red and pink keeping her failsafe lip shades close by, we like her style. Eyelash curlers and a powder foundation rounded off Louis Vuitton Outlet the mini makeup haul, to be teamed with Miranda’s fave retro sunnies. Instagram / Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr celebrity sunglasses

The materials library has a giant colour card on the wall marked s/s 14 – the beginnings of the collection that will be unveiled on the catwalk in September. Models on the catwalk at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week show. Perhaps the most intriguing space is the Quality Lab, which is like a torture chamber for shoes. This clinical white space has machines designed to put the shoes through a series of rigorous trials. There is the abrasion test, which sees what will happen when a particularly tough denim cuff hits the back of a shoe; the rub test, which examines how artificial sweat affects the colour of a shoe; and a sandpaper roll, to see how rubber soles wear – the equivalent of being dragged along by a car for 40 metres (don’t ask what the average Louis Vuitton customer gets up to). There is also the heel-fatigue test, which sees a hammer bashing away at a heel 14,000 times, and a heel-pull-off machine, which replicates the stress on a stiletto stuck between cobblestones.

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