Louis Vuitton Cup led by New Zealand, super catamarans flying together on SF Bay (Photos)

Louis Vuitton paying $3M less for Cup sponsorship

Barker left both dagger boards down around the turns in case the boat set back down on the surface. About control, the racers must stay within invisible borders or incur penalties, signaled from the race committee boat by a blue light on board the racing yachts. Luna Rossa also had to give way under sailing rules when the Italians and the Kiwis looked to be on a collision course and each on a port tack. As we learn in basic sailing school, a boat on port tack, with the wind coming over a sailors left shoulder, has no right of way and when both are on port tack, its the windward boat that must give way since it has more room or power to maneuver than the leeward presumably. Space age sailing suits Designers build everything for speed from the boat to the sailing suits. Sailors wore new sailing suits that looked aeronautical, sleek and flexible to allow the crew to run up and down the trampoline between the hulls, the race highly physical and the sailors athletic, in continual motion. New Zealand wore black and silver with a cutaway design in the sleeve revealing automated arms, robotic gladiators. Theres a cool jersey in the shops with the same robotic arm design, the gladiator design. Luna Rossa with its Prada sails and sailing suits looked like astronauts in their silver suits. Yet they provide more than style, the suits are thin, lightweight and strong yet flexible.

LVMH China Watch Sales Decline Offset by Overseas Buying

New Zealand skipper Dean Barker’s catamaran came out on top against a familiar foe in the first two-boat race of the Louis Vuitton Cup which serves as the challenger series of the America’s Cup event. The Kiwis completed the course in 43 minutes, 52 seconds as they sailed away to win by nearly five and a half minutes on the 15.5 nautical mile course. New Zealand recorded a top speed of 42.33 knots (77 kilometers per hour), compared to Luna Rossa’s 39.95 knots. “There was a really nice public turnout today, good to have two boats out there on the racecourse,” said the 40-year-old Barker. “It can only make you better because you put yourself in different positions; you get to find out what’s going on around the start line and the first reach. That’s all paramount to how the race plays out.” Luna Rossa helmsman Chris Draper said, “We ended up almost where we thought we’d be, probably a little bit worse off.

Kiwis crush Italians in Louis Vuitton race

Kiwis crush Italians in Louis Vuitton race

Now he is at the center of the biggest religious scandal the predominantly Buddhist country has seen in years. Despite the vows he took to lead a life of celibacy and simplicity, Wirapol had a taste for luxury, police say. His excesses first came to light in June with a YouTube video that went viral. It showed the orange-robed monk in aviator sunglasses taking a private jet ride with a Louis Vuitton carry-on. The video sparked criticism of his un-monkly behavior and a stream of humorous headlines like, “Now Louis Vuitton boarding, Air Nirvana.” Since then, a long list of darker secrets has emerged – including his accumulated assets of an estimated 1 billion baht ($32 million). This week, authorities issued an arrest warrant for the disgraced monk after having him defrocked in absentia. Wirapol was in France when the scandal surfaced after leading a meditation retreat at a monastery near Provence. He is believed to have then fled to the United States but his current whereabouts are unknown. The arrest warrant implicates him on three charges including statutory rape, embezzlement and online fraud to seek donations.

A monk with Louis Vuitton luggage causes huge scandal

7. But he said sponsorships of this type are generally worth tens of millions of dollars. He added that the reduced sponsorship fee won’t affect the sailing. Louis Vuitton has sponsored the challenger series since 1983. The regatta has gotten off to a troubled start.

Miss Florida 2013 Myrrhanda Jones

The owner of the Bulgari and Tag Heuer brands is seeing rising demand in the Southeast Asia region even as sales have recently been a bit soft in Singapore, Trapani said. Growth in luxury-goods spending will be sustained this year as booming demand in Southeast Asia offsets a slowdown in China and Europe, Bain & Co. said in a report on May 16. Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam are progressing well, Trapani said. Its not a boom, but certainly these are countries that are growing and becoming more important and more interesting than they used to be with us. Acquisition Targets Singapores dollar has appreciated against the currencies of its four major Southeast Asian counterparts over the past three months, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The currency strength has hurt tourist and consumer spending in the island city and led to slower sales at LVMHs stores, Trapani said.

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